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We are currently in the process of completely redesigning our entire
website. It has been along time since we have made any changes or
have done any work on the site.

As alot of our followers knew, Greg Hughes, my co-founder of Ohio
Ghost Researchers passed away from a massive heart attack. After
Greg's death I spent alot of time mourning his passing and trying to
locate him in the spiritual world. I am happy to say that I believe I have
captured his spirit on film but, our home computer crashed and we lost
all of our pics, over 100,000 of them. These were pics that were from
our investigations since 2001 and would have been eventually posted
on the website. The only pictures that were saved are the few that we
did post on our site here.

Over the next few weeks you will being major changes to all the pages
and our format. The links to the left all work but may still show our site in
the old format...this will change!!!!

We are now also in the process of putting a new team together and will
be investigating again very soon and will be posting new pics, stories
and more. Also we will be expanding OGR all over the globe and will be
recruting and starting new chapters worldwide, watch the join page for
the changes. We also have alot more surprises in store for our viewers
so please make sure you keep coming back.

Thanks for your support....Jim Varner Founder OGR
"If you but knew the horrors that the darkness beheld,
you wouldn't go out of your house".......
Copyright 2001-2014 Ohio Ghost Researchers

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